Famous Quotes on Personal Adversity

Famous Quotes on Personal Adversity

Famous Quotes on Personal Adversity

As indicated by tried and true way of thinking, Famous Quotes on Personal Adversity any objective is reachable in the event that you buckle down. Oh, individual affliction at times squashes that guarantee.

In such cases, every one of the advantages are through the excursion, not the ideal objective. Individual affliction oftentimes comes from things that you can’t handle throughout everyday life.

Hold tight in case you’re suffering remarkable preliminaries throughout everyday life. On an otherworldly level, your spirit might be celebrating at your versatility.

Underneath we list axioms identified with individual affliction.

“We don’t foster boldness by being cheerful consistently. We foster it by enduring troublesome occasions and testing misfortune.”

Barbara De Angelis

“In case you are sufficiently fortunate to never encounter any kind of difficulty, we will not realize how versatile you are. It’s just when you’re confronted with deterrents, stress, and other ecological dangers that flexibility, or its absence, arises: Do you capitulate or do you overcome?”

Maria Konnikova

“Affliction resembles a solid breeze. It tears from us everything except the things that can’t be torn, so we consider ourselves to be we truly are.”

Arthur Golden

“Difficulty uncovers virtuoso, thriving disguises it.”


“Sweet are the employments of affliction which, similar to the frog, appalling and venomous, wears yet a valuable gem in his mind.”

William Shakespeare

“In each affliction there lies the seed of an identical benefit. In each rout is an example telling you the best way to win the triumph sometime later.”

Robert Collier

“Misfortune evokes abilities, which in prosperous conditions would have lain torpid.”


“Difficulty is the precious stone residue Heaven cleans its gems with.”

Thomas Carlyle

“Show me somebody who has accomplished something advantageous, and I’ll show you somebody who has beaten difficulty.”

Lou Holtz

“You’ll never track down a preferred fighting accomplice over affliction.”

Golda Meir

“You show me anyone that is extraordinary in anything they do, I’ll show you someone that is endured, shown that psychological sturdiness to beat a few impediments and misfortune.”

Sean McVay

“There is no training like misfortune.”

Benjamin Disraeli

“Affliction, and diligence and this load of things can shape you. They can give you a worth and a confidence that is beyond value.”

Scott Hamilton

“Flourishing isn’t without many apprehensions and aversions; affliction not without many solaces and expectations.”

Francis Bacon

“Everyone has misfortune in their lives and we as a whole need to discover methods of conquering them. You must fighter on, make its best, search for the positive in all things.”

Judith Durham

“300 years prior a detainee sentenced to the Tower of London cut on the mass of his phone this opinion to keep up his spirits during his long detainment: ‘It isn’t misfortune that kills, yet the fretfulness with which we bear affliction.'”

James Keller

“He who doesn’t tire, tires difficulty.”

Martin Farquhar Tupper

“Quest for the seed of good in each difficulty. Expert that guideline and you will possess a valuable safeguard that will watch you well through all the haziest valleys you should cross. Stars might be seen from the lower part of a profound well, when they can’t be perceived from the peak. So will you learn things in affliction that you couldn’t have ever found without inconvenience. There is consistently a seed of good. Discover it and flourish.”

Og Mandino

“Success is no scale; misfortune is the main equilibrium to gauge companions.”


“In flourishing, our companions know us; in affliction, we know our companions.”

John Churton Collins

“Difficulty drives us to think appropriately about our state, as is generally gainful to us.

Samuel Johnson”

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