The Fire of God


The Fire of God

The Fire of God over his kin is extremely impressive, aggregate, steady and secure. He ensures that the foe doesn’t obliterate his youngsters freely. If not, Satan would have cleaned away the entire of humankind.

Presently, one of the manners in which God does this is to assemble a fence of fire around the devotees. Indeed, there is a heavenly insurance, a mass of fire around you. The specialists of the realm of Satan know this quite well. They regularly admit that ‘peculiar’ fire frequently hinders them from approaching Christians, particularly the genuine ones. God knows how evil Satan and his representatives are, thus, his setting up an impressive protection through bursting fire around us. Most Christians, similar to Elisha’s worker, don’t understand this until God makes them fully aware of see it. If you see it, it is consistently there, it is dynamic and steady; ever-prepared to secure you. In Zechariah 2:5 God says, “For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a mass of fire indirect, and will be the wonder amidst her.”

This is the guarantee of God to his youngsters. The book of scriptures likewise let us know that God talked amidst fire. That fire emerged from his mouth. He replies by fire. And furthermore that he is a devouring fire. On the off chance that the adherents appreciate and fitting this reality, Satan and his dim specialists will consistently be on the run. No specialist of the realm of Satan (or Satan himself) can withstand the Fire of God. It pulverizes. It softens. It exchanges. It obliterates. It weakens. It obliterates. It burns-through. It causes unsalvageable harms. Also, that is the reason they will consistently hasten for security at its sight.

We should routinely utilize this weapon in our petitions and otherworldly fighting. Continuously request the Fire from God to descend at whatever point you are in a fight (particularly profound fight). Hymn 104:4 says that he is God: “Who maketh his heavenly messengers spirits; his pastors a blazing fire.” We are flares of fire! Jesus! Individuals that include in redemption ministrations will better see the value in this. They will regularly see and hear devils yelling, asking and fleeing each time the Fire of God descends. You will hear them regret that they can’t withstand the fieriness of the fire. Satan is likewise consistently terrified of the Fire of God since it helps him to remember his last everlasting spot in the pool of fire. He prefers not to hear or to be helped to remember this unalterable, self-caused, everlasting and excruciating destruction that anticipates him, his devils and his supporters.

Presently, the book of scriptures previously let us know that we will get the rite of passage from Jesus. Jesus himself additionally upheld this when he said that he came to acquire fire to the earth Luke Chapter twelve, stanza 49. Allow us to start to utilize this dangerous weapon of mass annihilation that God has made accessible to us from today. He realized that we will consistently require it to fight these not set in stone powers of obscurity. Then, we will be taking a gander at the jobs holy messengers play in otherworldly fighting. Kindly, share this convenient message with others. God salud!


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